The Causes Of Low Education Standards In South Africa

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The research highlights the causes of low educational standards in South Africa and provides means of how these challenges addressed. Education an important tool to have as the more educated one is the better decisions they can make, so education leads to the greater good socially and economically. The bill of rights classifies education as a basic right like the right to food and shelter, but sadly, not everyone has access to education.
Education a need or a want, a basic human right or a luxury. South Africa is a still young democracy which still looks to reap the benefits of being such a democracy but hope lies in the years which follow but much emphasises must be placed on educational attainment to improve current standards now. Being a young democratic state is not always, what it is supposed to be and one of the biggest concerns is the decreasing educational standards related to the political instability of the country (Ramdass, n.d).
There is a strong link between high incomes and high education standards in developed counties because human capital drives economies and the better-educated individuals are, the higher incomes they earn advancing the growth of the economy (Routledge, 2013). Education seen as a social good due to its positive spill over effects, for example if one person in a community is educated, that person could educate the rest of the community (Helen Suzman Foundation, 2010).
Background of the education system of South African

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