The Causes Of Media Violence

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Media Violence Introduction According to Youth Engage (2014), media violence can be defined as the showing or portrayal of violence in media that is often and easily accessed by people. The idea behind media violence is showing people, such as young children who may not be able to differentiate the difference between right and wrong, violent media (which can take the form of a newspaper, book, T.V, radio or a videogame) in which these sort of images or messages may end up having an effect on the person who is being exposed to these images. This exposure to harmful media can cause children (or anyone else who does not have a firm understanding between right and wrong) to become desensitized to violence and they may even think that there is nothing wrong with what they are seeing. This can affect their behaviour on a more social level, where they may do things which are socially unacceptable. This behaviour that the child has learnt is I direct result of media violence and the child being desensitized due to violence depicted in the media, and it is the media (which release these images) who repetitively show acts of violence, being the main source of desensitization (Youth Engage, 2014). Promotes violent behaviour? • YES We live in a world where shock, horror and gruesome pictures seem to be the only thing that capture our attention .This sort of exposure to violence is seen by children and adults on a day to day basis ,whether it be on a television program, newspaper,
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