The Causes Of Natural Cultures: The Destruction Of Cultural Disasters

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The destruction of cultural heritage can be divided into two cause, which are natural and man-made. Natural disasters represent a major threat to cultural heritage. Based on natural occurrences, tragedies such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes, wind effects, fires, environmental fatigue or similar long term climate effects and other disasters sometimes cause irreversible damage to cultural heritage, or completely destroy an entire areas of cultural heritage, both movable and immovable. The other destructions of cultural heritage is happened from man-made like war and conflict that is often in several places such as middle east,asia,and others. cultural identity and cultural heritage become all the more disependsable. Buildings, monuments and symbols of culture that speak of shared roots acquire an increased significance. Accordingly, they can become targets of violent and oppressive action that seeks to destroy the symbols valued by enemies or the iconography associated with alternative faiths and traditions. The destruction of cultural heritage has become a tactic of war to disseminate fear and hatred in modern conflicts. Extremists have attacked institutions and professionals who support diversity, critical thinking and freedom of opinion. They have targeted schools, teachers and journalists, destroying monuments and individuals on religious and cultural grounds – all in a form of “cultural cleansing.” On the other hand, cultural heritage can also

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