Plagiarism In The 18th Century

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Plagiarism is one of the highly rising problems in our world; it is basically stealing someone else 's work and using it as theirs '. It has started as early as the 17th century and we are still facing it today. Before the 17th century plagiarism was "more a matter for laughter than for litigation"[1]. Plagiarism was only considered an offense when world started realizing that words should be owned by their first writers. Plagiarism became a crime in the 18th century, at a time when authenticity was valued. We still face acts of plagiarism in the modern day world. For example, journalist Fareed Zakaria was suspended from The Magazine and CNN in 2012 because he plagiarized a paragraph from a New Yorker article.[2]

Without doubt, there is more than one single reason for plagiarizing. Some people do it for the money. In 2009, Frank Butler was
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One can 't take others ' work and use it as one 's won without thinking of the consequences No matter what is the excuse, plagiarism remains an unacceptable matter. Stealing other people 's ideas is simply wrong because these people worked so hard to improve these ideas and produce this work. One survey conveyed that about 95% of students tend to plagiarize when writing essays or reports during the university period. We must come around and start learning how to respect others ' intellectual properties.
There are some proposed solutions to the worldwide problem called PLAGIARISM. One of these solutions using the help of websites that expose plagiarism such as Such websites help reduce plagiarism rates amongst students therefor improving their writing skills. Another solution for media pirating is the use of censorship and media police. Any suspicious activity of plagiarism is reported to the media police and sudden action is taken against anyone who tries to plagiarize or steal original content and resell it or put it on the internet for
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