The Causes Of Poverty And Inequality In South Africa

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Poverty and inequality in South Africa caused by past policies of discrimination, failure of politics and isolate that was favoring the white race that have left a legacy of inequality and poverty and, in more recent years, low economic growth. The apartheid system was heavily tendentious towards providing a good health, best education and great housing services to the white minority, to the damage of the black population who were denied the greater opportunity to gather human and physical capital. Labor market policies were aimed at protecting the white minority over the black majority. Apartheid also distributed resources unequally (including the mining or natural resource rights, land distribution and access to capital) thereby marking living on a large sector of the population to low-status and poorly paid sectors of the labor market, if granting access at all.
Poverty is a serious issue that is visible to every human being and probably seen by everyone but not experienced by everyone, but the majority of the South Africa are in poverty or are experiencing poverty. Poverty is shown by individuals who don’t have shelter, no job and no excess to some basic needs like clothing or any other basic services. During the apartheid era, exclusion was based on race. Most of the energy of the abolition movement in early 1994 was defalcate to destroy the common enemy of racial exclusion. The issue of class, with its magnitude of inequality, did not feature as definitely.

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