The Causes Of Prostitution

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Prostitution is one of the oldest profession in the world. In the ancient time, prostitution came from religion practices. At that time, prostitution was a ritual to worship their deities, not for people to get sexual satisfaction. In Chaldea, every female was forced by the law to be a prostitute in the temple of Chaldean Venus (Sanger 1858:41). For the Persians, when the festival of one their deities came, the human nature was distorted severely. Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, all sat together, while voluptuous dances and music arouse their sexual desire, and a night full of sensuality began (Sanger 1858:42). Religious no longer is a cause of prostitution, then what is the causes at the present time? A survey done by Parent-Duchatelet in France found that most of the people become a prostitute because they want to have sex, expulsion from home or desertion of parents and abandoned by their lovers (Sanger 1858:141). Also, according to a statistic from New York, the reasons that drive people to become a prostitute mainly are inclination, destitution, seduced and abandoned (Sanger 1858:488). Both statistics show that many people become a prostitute voluntarily. In addition, Mr. Tait divides the causes of prostitution into natural and accidental causes. Natural causes include ‘licentiousness of disposition, irritability of temper, pride and love of dress, dishonesty and love of property, and indolence’. Accidental causes include ‘seduction, ill-assorted marriages, low
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