The Causes Of Racism In The Bible

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Racism is built on the idea of belittling someone for something their race. While there are many reasons why racism is wrong, one reason is that it is illogical to look down one someone for something out of their control? How can one be judged on something out of their control? The same question is asked of God: how can God say we all deserve Hell when some people are good? Are they? Humans are naturally evil and deserving of hell because of their failure to reach God’s standard of holiness, the sin they choose to commit, and their sinful nature, making them fully responsible. One must understand how holy God is and how wicked humans are in comparison to understand why we are evil. God is mentioned as “holy, holy, holy” in the Bible (Isaiah 6). In Hebrew culture, repetition marks significance, for ancient Hebrew writing did not have punctuation like exclamation marks. Also, threefold repetition marks completion with a beginning, middle, and end (Patterson, The Use of Three in the Bible). Isaiah is communicating that God is holy above all others, and how crucial it is to understand that we are not on the same level as God. It is also interesting that, in the rest of Scripture, God is not referred to as “merciful, merciful, merciful” or “just just just.” In the context of our righteousness and eternal futures, it is crucial to remember how undeserving we are to be in God’s presence, and that is why holiness is emphasized in Isaiah 6. This is not to say that holiness is more
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