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Rainforests are forests which grow in areas of high rainfall between 250 and 450 cm. Typically, there are 2 types of rainforests – Tropical and Temperate. The least known type of rainforest is Boreal. Tropical rainforests are warm and moist that are found near the equator that receives 175 – 200 cm of rainforest annually. In contrast, temperate and boreal rainforests are found at high latitudes – northern and southern hemispheres. They occur in the temperate zone and receive heavy rainfall annually. At present, the rainforests are fairly similar to the rainforests of the past because they still contain similar vegetation and animal species. Yet, the size of these magnificent rainforests has reduced greatly over a course of nearly 100 years. Recent studies concluded devastating estimates that roughly 2 percent of the world 's rainforests are diminished yearly. Unless we make an effort to reduce this impact…show more content…
The burning of the rainforest is like producing a massive bonfire, introducing substantial amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. CO2 is a 'greenhouse gas ' that aids in retaining the heat of the sun within the Earth 's atmosphere. Thus, it is decreasing the nature 's ability to absorb CO2 and to produce oxygen. With more rainforests being cut down and burned, the 'lungs ' of the earth will be severely damaged. Deforestation is known to be responsible for more global carbon emissions than all the planes, trains, buses, and cars in the world added together. Countries such as USA, China, and Indonesia are the top 3 countries who emit the highest amount of CO2because of the burning of its peatlands and rainforests to clear areas for growing palm oil.[4] Moreover, rainforests help to transport huge volumes of water vapour through the atmosphere. Water that falls on the rainforests is absorbed by the trees and then evaporated from their leaves in a process termed as transpiration.[4] When the trees are removed, it cannot

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