The Causes Of Road Traffic Safety In Tanzania

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Road Traffic safety is a major and serious challenge in Tanzania with many people being killed on roads. Contrary to developed countries the trend of road traffic accidents and especially fatalities is increasing. However, accident rates associated with buses and public transport are high. The cause of this problem is the combination of a very fragmented ownership of the private sector and the absence of any effective monitoring of behavior on the road. There is also the perception among the public that corruption is compromising effective enforcement of traffic regulations. There are other problems like traffic congestion particularly in Dar es Salaam city, poor maintenance and ineffective traffic management practices, inadequately developed road network all of which contribute to road traffic accidents in different ways. Road transport and the safety of public is a responsibility of the government and its bodies and is governed by a number of policies and legislation so as to guide safety rules and implementation. The Ministry of Infrastructure and institutions responsible have a role to control and coordinate transportation safety, road development, maintenance (rehabilitation) and management and the licensing of PSV. The Local governments have responsibility for roads under their jurisdiction. (study on road accidents in Tanzania mainland, 2007) Road and highway transport in Tanzania is of a great important and account for about 70% and it is the dominant means of

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