The Causes Of Smartphone Addiction

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Smartphone is one of the best invention in twenty first century. Smartphone is an all-in device that provide functionality of other device such as calculator, torch light, media player and camera. According to Pei and Lionel (2006), unspecific promoting planner had started to use the term smartphone to bring up new type of cell phone that can enable information access and use computing power to process. Smartphone allow us to contract with people, access information and make transaction within our finger tips. Although smartphone is convenient to us but the overuse of smartphone can lead to smartphone addiction. Teenager who like to use smartphone for many activities such as selfie, video recording and surfing social network are easily addicted to smartphone. The smartphone addiction has become a trend among…show more content…
However, there are several action can take to overcome the smartphone addiction. The smartphone addiction problem can caused health problem to teenager. The excessive use of smartphone can lead to eye problem. Long-time focusing on the smartphone tiny screen can cause the eye to be discomfort. According to Amanda (2014), eyestrain, blurred vision and dry eye are the effect of spending too much time on starting smartphone. Moreover, smartphone addiction also can affect teenager’s sleep. The constant checking update on smartphone has interrupt teenager’s sleep and even cause insomnia. In “How does smartphone” (2015), the article explain that the teenager who keep tracking for social media update and message do not get a good sleep at night. Next, the smartphone addiction can affect teenager’s studies. Teenagers who are addicted to smartphone will find themselves hard to focus on their studies. The games on smartphone required them

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