The Causes Of Technology Addiction

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Technology Addiction

Technology is becoming more and more addicting as new social medias come out and as students start to use online sources to do homework and other things such as work. Most places of work need a computer or phone to do their job. Technology addiction is an uncontrollable urge to use technological devices such as your phone, computer, or video game systems; this can affect toddlers in two ways including delayed speech and increase in ADHD. It can also affect teens and adults when it comes to distracted driving; they need their phone to answer phone calls on the go and a laptop to email their fellow co-workers. They just all out “need” technology in their everyday lives. All in all, technology has been making a big impact into the everyday lives of most people all around the world.
Technology addiction usually doesn’t start as a big deal, it generally starts as something small, and works its way up to something a lot more serious. Technology addiction is a choice, you don’t have to be addicted any longer. Some ways you can end additions are: choosing other options to do rather than immediately using your laptop or phone. For example, going outside to do an outside activity such as baseball. You can also take small steps to end an addiction, like not doing the “morning digital check-in”; it’s not needed. If someone really needed to get ahold of you they would call or text you. Another way is to turn off notifications and sounds on your phone, if you

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