The Causes Of Teen Gangs

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Demontravous Jones
English 4, 2nd period
14 February, 2018
Teen Gangs
Teen gangs have been problematic throughout the country for many decades. But are gangs really that bad? Although Teen Gangs are a common reason many teens are severely injured or killed, there are positive attributes such as education skills and life lessons. “Innocent B.C.”).
A fifteen-year-old teen was with his family, heading home to suburban Coquitlam from a Saturday-night outing in the city, when he ran into the deadly crossfire of the region’s intermittent gang war. The fifteen-year-old was shot around 9 p.m. police say, on Vancouver’s most busiest street. The fifteen-year-old died on Monday after his family took him off life support. “They were having a
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Crips founded in 1971 by Stanley (“Tookie”) Williams and Raymond Washington, both high schoolers in los Angeles, for protection from other gang violence. (“which was inspired by the Black Panthers, formed a political group in 1969 that evolved in 1969.”) Other gangs, as in the bloods were established in response to the Crips growing power. In the early 1980’s Crips focused more on drugs, especially crack cocaine, and the gang eventually formed alliances with the Mexican cartels. “Although it is difficult to estimate the exact number of crips in the country because their loose organization, United States Department of Justice claims there are currently upwards of 35,000 members divided between 800 sets in 48 states.” “Los Angeles sentinel is the most commonly cited sources, article from February 1972, which claimed that the crips were named after members of gangs who carried canes as “crips” (cripples)”. “Williams claimed that the gang originally referred to themselves as “Cribs,” but members simply mispronounced the name and it evolved into crips.” Crips was originally shortened for “Continuous Revolution in Progress. “The number of sets increased to 45 by 1978 and continued to expand at a rapidly rate, when the gang began to produce and distribute Phencyclidine (PCP).” Crips aggression expansion came from the unification of smaller rivals into the…show more content…
“Shortly after 2 a.m, Mark saw a group of teen-agers heading toward him. One threw a ice ball or rock like substance at one of Mark’s teammates.” “It hits him in the back,” recalled the sixteen year-old, who asked that his real name not be used. “He was knocked on the ice and he was crying.” As the gang of about 20 youths approached Mark. Mark asked why they had thrown the object. “They said to him; “Are you trying to start something?” replying “I don't want any trouble.” Mark turned back to his injured teammates on the ice. One of the gang pushed him over and the rest descended on kicking him, in the ribs head and privates. Mark’s says he “rolled into a ball to protect himself”. Mark began to kick with his skates, for a few moments the beating stopped. Pulling himself up to the edge of a rink close by. While one of the gang members asked him “why he do it” he said “i didn't do anything.” Then two of the gang members then kicked him into the head, falling onto the ice again.Then the gang members turned their attention to another one of his teammates, which gave him enough time to escape. Most of the hockey players didn't say anything about it, the just sat back and watched as if they were speechless, majority of them ran away. Mark suffered several injuries cuts in mouth, loosened teeth and etc. Since then Mark takes taxis when it gets dark he also says he fears running into another gang or the same gang- or worse. “I don't feel
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