The Causes Of Teen Pregnancy

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Wright 1 There are roughly around 750,000 teen pregnancies a year, more than 80% of which are unplanned (Adolescence Committee). Nearly half of American high school students are sexually active. Teen pregnancies, have for years, been a problem in the US and because of that the US has the highest teen pregnancy rates in the world. There are many reasons teens decide to get pregnant or become sexually active at a young age. One of the biggest reasons for pregnancy at a young age is because of the adornment of teen pregnancy. Adolescent pregnancy can be found on many platforms such as social media or on television. Shows like “Teen Mom” romanticize teen pregnancy and they portray it as something desirable. More than 29% of teens engage in sexual activity because they feel pressured to fit in with their peers. Early pregnancy can also be brought about because of home situations or sexual abuse. Teen girls will get pregnant because it gives them something to hold on to that they can call their own or out of resentment for their parents. The absence of a parental figure is another contributor of adolescent pregnancy. Girls whose families are not headed by a woman are more prone to have sexual experiences at a young age. The lack of parental guidance pushes teens to lean towards other people, like friends, for advice on things, such as sex, and of that they are improperly informed. A factor that has increased the likeliness of Wright 2 teenagers becoming sexually
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