The Causes Of Teen Pregnancy

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Today it has become normal for the frequency of teenage pregnancies. With the governments help teen parents can feed, clothe, and medically care for their children. Birth control methods are not commonly spoken about in public schools and can be a resulting effect of teen pregnancy. The glamorization of pregnancy influences children and can either cause them to become absent from sexual activity or ignore all information. Experimentation or curiosity often is a cause of an unexpected pregnancy. “Many parents have busy lives that prevent them from providing the guidance and support that their young teenagers need to make good decisions on issues such as sex, according to the website Parent Dish.” (R.Y Langham). Preventing teenage pregnancies are highly encouraged, not only for the teens benefit but also for the baby’s well-being. There are many causes to teen pregnancy such as the absence of parents, peer pressure, and glamorization of pregnancy. Becoming a young adult already has its share of personal issues, but having absent parents can result in loss of knowledge or wisdom. Teens are more likely to become pregnant if one or both parents are absent in the child’s life. “The impact of father absence on early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy was investigated in longitudinal studies in the United States (N = 242) and New Zealand (N = 520), in which community samples of girls were followed prospectively from early in life (5 years) to approximately age 18. Greater
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