The Causes Of Teenage Drug Abuse And Drug Addiction

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Teenage drug and alcohol addiction is responsible each year for nearly 4,300 deaths among teenagers under 21 (The Recovery Village). Drug addiction and alcoholism can be serious for teenagers cause it often leads to brain damage, because their brain is still developing (sambafoundations). When teenagers get addicted to drugs or alcohol, the addiction could continue into their adulthood. Teenage alcoholism and drug addiction is often caused by child neglect, peer pressure, domestic violence, and depression, due to one’s overall lifestyle. Because of their impressionable nature, teens are more likely to become addicted to harmful substances. Most teenagers live in a toxic environment and they’re exposed to the idea of doing substances by their surroundings. Teenagers follow in the footsteps of their parents because of their genetics (Buddy T). One of the reasons teenagers get into bad habits such as drug addiction and alcoholism is due to child neglect. A parent being absent from a child’s life could easily be a sign of neglect. Parents who continuously to fail to give their child healthcare, supervision, or even supplying food is the beginning of child neglect (Child Abuse and Neglect). Teenagers use toxic substances to ease their pain of abandonment from their parents. Around the ages of fifteen to twenty-four is when a teen starts to develop depression, but they could actually become depressed at a younger age like six to twelve (Esther Entin). It’s more likely for

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