The Causes Of Teenage Prequency And The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy

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I have met a lot of teen girls who have become pregnant. It seems everywhere I look I see younger and younger girls with belly bumps or pushing a baby around in a stroller. All of my friends are becoming pregnant. I heard a story the other day about a thirteen year old girl who had a baby. Teenage pregnancy has become a problem. The main cause of teenage pregnancy is parents not talking to their children about sex and protecting themselves. Children know more about sex than we give them credit for. They learn it from their friends, at school, and in media. Parents watch whatever they like around their children. They aren’t talking to their children when something suggestive comes on TV. Some parents don’t care if their children want to go out and flaunt themselves. Parents need to step up and talk to their children before they make a decision they will regret. Another issue is schools are offering sex education earlier and earlier. My girlfriend’s sister was offered it in the fourth grade, her parents opted out of it. In my opinion that part of children’s minds should be protected from sexual thoughts for as long as we can. If you talk about sex even in a good context children are going to get curious, and they will begin to experiment. Parents shouldn’t leave the “talk” up to the schools they should take the initiative, and maybe there would be less teen pregnancies. Teenage pregnancy is also caused by society telling young people it’s okay to explore

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