The Causes Of The Age Of Exploration

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The Age of Exploration, starting from the 15th century and lasting until the beginning of the 17th century, was a period of time in which the Europeans explored the Americas and Africa while searching for a more efficient trade route with Asia. However, the Europeans did not just discover this lands, but also made use of them and the native population.The causes of the Age of Exploration were “God, Gold and Glory” which effects were the expansion of Christianity, importation of precious resources into Europe and colonization of new lands. The first cause of the Age of Exploration was “God” which resulted in an expansion of Christianity. Missionaries were sent to the newly discovered continents to convert the native population to Christianity. In a letter from Father Kino, a Catholic Priest, in 1687, it is described how he succeeded to convert the Indian tribes and started building “ a new church” on their lands (Doc 6). Another example of sending missionaries is the Society of Jesuits founded in 1540 by the Catholic Church to spread Catholicism on the continents different from Europe. In this way, the church finds people that are easy to be converted because they don’t have or have very basic religions. That is why “in the name of God” the conversion of the native people changed their behavior and attitude towards the Mother Church. On a historical drawing is depicted a religious ceremony beginning outside of a Spanish mission in present-day Texas in which both Europeans
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