What Was The Causes Of The American Revolution

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The American revolution was caused by unfair taxes by the British. There were protests on British taxes, and the American colonists got angry and declared war. The British were trying to take control of the American colonies. France helped the Americans beat the Redcoats when the American Colonies weakened the British Redcoats. The British empire surrendered at Yorktown 1781, but the battle didn’t end until 1783. The Americans fought on land with militias, and the continental army. Americans fought on the sea with a young navy. The militias and continental armies were poorly disciplined which made them have a disadvantage. On April 16 Paul Revere rode to 20 miles to concord to advise local compatriots to secure the military stores before the British soldiers arrive. During the battle of Bunker Hill, George Washington was appointed with 15,000 American troops. After the Boston tea party, the…show more content…
When the Redcoats were attacked they were confused, because they did not have enough experience. The redcoats retreated and kept on running and did not stop even when they reached their supply wagons. Braddock was killed in the battle, and a new commander named William was recruited. The British used camouflage in the forests instead of their traditional redcoats. The British defeated the French, because the British created a strategy and their soldiers were experienced. When the French and Indian war ended the American rifle was invented. After the French and Indian war, the Americans were much more experienced. The British made the Americans pay part of the British bill. When the Americas Protested against the Redcoats the British responded with the intolerable acts. The Americans revolted when the British responded with the intolerable acts causing the British soldiers to panic and fire their muskets. The first continental congress was created in 1774 to convince the British to repeal the intolerable
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