The Causes Of The Bermuda Triangle

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From the 1400s to these days, there have been a variety of reports about unexplained incidents and disappearances, which happened in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. No one has known the main causes. It has still been a mystery in the hole of historical events. The first documented incident took place in 1492 . It was the time that Christopher Columbus was sailing from Western Europe to the Caribbean islands. His voyage skirted the Southern edge of the Bermuda Triangle where he declared multiple compass malfunctions as well as strange lights in the horizon. Since then, there have been a number of reports about these phenomena, which led to many unexplained missing ships in the Bermuda Triangle zone. One of the greatest mysteries of the sea was the USS Cyclops, which happened in the Bermuda Triangle area in the early 20th century. The USS Cyclops was an American huge carrier ship that was commanded during World War II. Its first voyage during this time was to St. Nazaire, France in June 1917, returning to the United States the subsequent month. After that, Commander G.W. Worly accredited this ship to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service to support refueling of British ships in Brazil on January 9, 1917, and on February 16th the following year, it left Brazil. March 4th was the last time the USS Cyclops to be heard. At that time, there were 306 sailors and passengers on board, with a cargo holding more than 10,000 tons. No one received any emergency call from that
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