History Of The Plague: The Black Death

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In 1340 an infectious disease was spread by wild rats that carried bacteria. The reason why it was so deadly and gross was because the wild rats would carry Yersinia Pestis, which the fleas of the rats would bite into them and then bite into the humans. This was called The Black Death, also known as the Plague. The Black Death killed millions of people. The Black Death was one of europe 's most devastating widespreads in human history. The symptoms of this deadly disease are Painful and swollen lymph nodes, chills, headache, weakness, and fever. According to MedicineNet.com,”Bubonic plague symptoms and signs include painful and enlarged or swollen lymph nodes (an enlarged lymph node due to plague is called a bubo), chills, headache, fever, and weakness.” Basically, that is what happens when you are diagnosed with the plague (aka the black death). The Black …show more content…

According to CDC.com, It has to be the right antibiotic. Basically, that means before anything gets any worse they should have seeked help and got to a doctor right away and made sure they used the right medicine. A plague doctor costume was made up of a long overcoat that was usually filled with strong or sweet smelling stuff. The odors in the mask was a theory to fight the “evil” smells of the Black Death. In the 14th century there was no explanation for it at all. No one really knew what it was, how to cure it, what it came from, and how to prevent it. Which was the terrifying thing. Some of the things they tried to do back then were sometimes a little dangerous and unsanitary. Fun fact, the ring around the rosie song is actually about the plague. It 's about a rosy rash, which was a symptom of the plague, and posies of herbs were carried as protection and to protect the smell of the disease and the “falling down” was what they did when they

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