The Causes Of The British Rule In India

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British rule in India lasted 190 years from 1757-1947. So just how were the British able to control a two-hundred million plus Indian population for such a long period of time? Simply, the British had better weapons, they wanted, and were willing to fight for, the amazing profits that were able to be made from cotton, silk, tea, and opium, and they had the confidence to occupy such a large territory while at a large number disadvantage. The British controlled the area but never had the intention of settling there. They were there for the sole purpose of making money and therefore the laws that they put in place to govern the areas controlled were often not with the general populations well-being in mind. This led to widespread hatred of the British by the indigenous population. The Indians believed that one of the main goals of the occupiers was to Christianize Hindu and Muslim populations. This, and the heavy taxation imposed by the British East India Company, led to immense resentment and several uprisings of the locals during British Rule. After the Indian Mutiny of 1857 the British Government abolished both the Mughal Dynasty, which was the local Indian Government, and the East India Company. Control of India was then given to a British Governor-General who reported back to Parliament and the Secretary of State. This started the era known as the British Raj, which lasted from 1857-1947.
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