Essay On Circus Animal Abuse

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“Hold back the abuse,” “Someone needs to demand actions,” “The circus abuses animals,”- these may all be phrases that one has heard countless times. However, people 's actions prove otherwise. In fact from the United States, the circus receives roughly 10.36 million people every day (The Statistics Portal). This includes families that take their young children to watch these shows for “entertainment”, not knowing the amount of damage these performances cause to these innocent animals performing. The commonly expected effects that have ensued in the cause of animals in the circus living in a state of depression include violent addressing and the removal of animals from their natural habitat. However, the root cause comes from people like yourself.…show more content…
Altogether, these animals are depressed constantly due to the flourishment of the entertainment industries. However, one can make a change to save these innocent animals. From now on, one should not invest even a penny on the circus and their tickets, but instead, spend their money on acrobatic shows performed by humans for example (Cirque du Soleil). Furthermore, if no one invests in the tickets, this would eventually stop the abuse of animals, which would also stop the rate of depressed animals. Since these types of industries would go broke and run out of business, resulting in the release of captivated, and halting the misplace of animals from their natural habitats in the future, giving them the life they were meant to live from the start. One should not sit down and complain, but rather get up and petition, and stop investing in tickets. A wise man once said, “Actions speak louder than words,”(Lincoln) get up and stand for the animals rights. These are multiple factors that affect the animal 's emotional state; however, by the end of the day, the root cause is from the
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