The Causes Of The Cold War

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The Cold War was not a very “cold war” or fought in a cold weather, it was a war between the USA and the Soviet Union. Both countries owned the weapon of mass destruction, namely, the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb is what killed masses of people in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WW2. In both nations people were all afraid of atomic bombs so they practiced a kind of self defense technique called “duck and cover”. This method imitated the turtle’s defense technique, hiding back inside its shell when danger was near. People adapted this technique to suit themselves. They would take cover and hide behind a wall when a bomb was about to hit. Both of the superpowers saw the other as a threat to its continued survival and adopted many methods to make sure they were better than the other. Competition with each other for better nuclear weapons and space arms all contributed to the increasing tensions between the two countries. The Cold war was also caused by mistrust,misconceptions,and misunderstandings on both sides.
There were many things that led to the Cold War. It can be summarized into two main points: the competition and growing tensions between the USSR and USA due to their political difference, the nuclear arms race. The first and biggest cause of the Cold War was because of President Stalin and President Truman’s political differences and their mutual distrust towards each other. The Soviet Union was a communist country . They were ruled by a dictator and had
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