Industrial Revolution Causes

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What are the causes of the Industrial Revolution? How and why the Industrial Revolution began in England?

Introduction :-
The Industrial revolution is a historic transformation that changed traditional societies into modern societies. It can also be define as the name that is given to the business which people’s life changed because of machines, add to the their process of manufacturing. It happened through industrialization, in Europe in the late 1700. It resulted in long-distance and most thorough changes in the history of mankind. Moreover it is continuing its influence on our live nowadays. Ultimately, the countries that adopted technological and economic advantages ruled the most of the world. In this essay I am going to write about
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The first cause is the revolution of agriculture that allowed people to the cities and manufacturing and freed them from the soil . The second cause , having less death-rate and less diseases which means higher population and larger industrial workforce. The third case, their request for goods. The forth cause , their culture is based on taking risks , developing ideas and working hard. The fifth cause, the existence of the resources which are wanted close to each other like the coal and the iron. The sixth cause is the new technology that is allowed by the scientific revolution and the innovation which increased the production and made it cheaper. The seventh and the last cause is the export of hand made goods and importing different materials were allowed because of the imperialistic trade routes. These are the causes that started the industrial revolution in England.
Body 2 :-
In Britain, England is were the industrial revolution began but how and why England not France. Britain’s multitude of natural resource like coal, cotton and iron was the one of the main factors that allowed the industrial revolution to start in Britain. Also
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It also converted the manufacturing to machines. It began in British because of the power it had in the past and the strong economy, high population , technology and agriculture revolutions and the accesses to the raw
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