The Positive And Negative Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On Society

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The industrial revolution was the rapid change and enhancement of the production of goods and services during in the 18-19th century that began in Britain before spreading to the rest of the world. Two of the causes of the Industrial Revolution was the influx of new jobs and inventions + scientific revolution. The rush for new jobs as a result of large, newly build factories that demand workers. It was a massive change from home manufacturing to mass production machines. Life-changing inventions such as the steam engine, and the scientific revolution that surfaced during the industrial revolution that made a direct impact then and it still continues to impact today, allowed for new technology to increase and cheapen production. The effects the industrial revolution had on society were both negative and positive. The negative aspects were the effect on the lives of the workers and the environment, thought the positive aspect was a favourable impact on technological advancement in electricity, transportation and telecommunication. The main features of the Industrial Revolution were the technological, socio-economic and cultural shift in conditions. In this short response, the focus will be on only two (technological & socio-economic) of the main features of the Industrial Revolution in dept. Technological was the foundation of advancement…show more content…
The idea of capitalism was to make and sell products at an affordable price while making as much a profit as possible and increase production. This, in turn, led to more people being able to afford more goods than ever before. However, the system was never perfect. Capitalism did have a negative effect. Some of the negative effects were long hours of work, dangerous working conditions and child labour. It seemed to make the rich richer while the poor grew increasingly
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