Causes Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict all started roughly in the 1900’s when the Ottomans and the Arabs coexisted somewhat peacefully due to a common enemy. The Turks. However, this coexistence ended when WWI had started and the British encouraged the Arabs to revolt against the Ottomans promising them that they would have the right to set up an Arab State after the war. The Arabs believed this was a good deal, so they revolted against the Ottomans in 1916. After the war, the British foreign secretary, Arthur James Balfour, gave official support to Britain’s Jewish community to establish a national home for Jews in Palestine. That’s where the conflict really started. Both sides believed they had the right to establish a nation in the region so they…show more content…
Their Migration was followed on by hundreds of years of Jewish persecution in Europe, two world wars and the Holocaust. Because of these terrible events, it is almost as if Israel was established as a safe haven for Jewish refugees. Finally in 1947, Britain and UN got around to keeping their word and allowing the Palestinians and Jews to establish their own nation, but by doing this, a war between the two was almost inevitable. They broke up the area with borders and as soon as they did that, there was an immediate segregation between Israelis and Palestinians. But the biggest problem was that a lot of palestinians lived in the area now controlled by Israel and quite a lot of Israelis lived in the area now controlled by palestine and there was no “fair” way to decide who lives where. In 1948, fighting broke out between Palestinians and Israelis, causing the surrounding Arab nations to attack Israel in attempt to eliminate it altogether. But because Israel had stronger military forces, they…show more content…
After some time, Israel had expanded its nation to control what is now about 78% of historic Palestine making it clear to Palestinians that they are in control. Soon, Israel established walls to separate the Palestinians out, and also enforced laws to further establish their jewish state. These laws offered fewer rights to non-jews to prove even more, how much power they truly had. There weren’t only a lot of fights in the past, but even today, there are daily fights and protests. These fights usually all have the same story behind them. It goes like this: Militant Palestinian groups or other Arab nations use force in attempt to either reclaim land, protest the conditions of Palestinians under Israeli rule, or eliminate the entire nations of Israel, and Israel responds by winning through military forces and displacing more Palestinians, so they can expand their own territory even

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