The Causes Of The Korean War

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A country surrounded by great powers such as Japan, China, and Russia, Korea was often occupied by foreigners. Because of it’s geographical location, numerous countries wished to occupy Korea. The country was not particularly strong before the split, and therefore resulted in it being a common target for countries that wished to expand territories or spread political ideas.

In 1910, Japan began to invade Korea to colonize and resulted in a mass of cultural, economic, and political destruction. During the course of the occupation of Japan, culture in Korea was greatly disturbed as artwork, temples, artifacts, and historical documents were destroyed. Over 180,000 Koreans were killed during the occupation and the Japanese took many captives1. Korea was renamed, “Chosen” by the Japanese and the people were to immediately follow Japanese rules2. The restriction of Korean rights gave the Japanese an immense amount of power over them which the used to oppress the teaching of the Korean language and history. The working class of Korea was all forced to use Japanese and work as farmers for the Japanese. When punished, many people died from the harsh beatings3. It was not until the end of World War II that Korea finally claimed independence. During World War II, America moved into Korea in order to accept the surrender of the Japanese troops and thus, finally made Korea an independent country. The causes of the Korean War are due to the political discrepancy, economic disorder, and

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