The Causes Of The New Deal And The Great Depression

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The Great Depression was the worst depression in the United States history, as a result of unemployment, hundreds of thousands of American workers were forced to live on the streets or in makeshift shacks. The election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932 brought a sense of hope to American citizens because he had a plan to lead the United States out of the catastrophic depression which was called the “New Deal”. The New Deal was divided into short term goals and long term goals. The short term goals were to relief and to recover immediately. The long term goals were to ensure permanent recovery and rectify the abuses of that time period. Even though the New Deal sounded like a marvelous plan it had major setbacks and objectives that were never accomplished. The recovery measures were supposedly designed to restore the economy. The National Recovery Administration (NRA) asked businesses to set production limits, a minimum wage and safety regulations. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) gave money to farmers to plant less crops so prices could stabilize. The National Recovery Administration and the Agriculture Adjustment Administration did not work as expected by the Franklin D. Roosevelt government. In document 24-2, working people sent letters to New Dealers (Miss Perkins and Theodore D. Roosevelt) in which they mention their concerns about their work. Winston-Salem, a worker in the Tobacco factories stated “How can we be considered in the Presidents spending
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