Cause And Effect Of Prohibition Research Paper

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January 16, 1920 many Americans went to buy their last legal drinks. The United States became a bare country. The 18th amendment prohibited the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol. Interesting enough it did not prohibit the consumption of alcohol. When the 18th amendment took effect many Americans were not happy. Even though prohibition was in place that did not stop people from getting alcohol. Bootleggers and gangsters became a big problem for society, along with many other things. The Prohibition movement began in the wake of a revival of protestantism that viewed alcohol as sinful. As the law passed liquor stores began to close and poor Americans became poorer. It also closed wineries in California and created an enormous shortage of grapes. This forced the price per ton to rise a thousand percent, from twenty dollars to two hundred dollars a ton. Maine was the first state that enforced prohibition many other states followed shortly after. Many people viewed alcohol as a horrible thing in society. Others enjoyed alcohol and having a good time. Even though…show more content…
Some people in institutions who have bought or made prior to the passing of the 18th amendment were able to continue to serve it throughout the prohibition period legally. Also with bootleggers and others making, selling, and distributing alcohol illegally the amendment did not go as planned. The “father of prohibition” congressman Andrew J. Volstead was defeated shortly after prohibition was imposed. Prohibition lasted thirteen years, ten months, nineteen days, seventeen hours, thirty two point five minutes. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared at the end of prohibition “What America needs now is a drink” (Okrant, Daniel). Despite the fact that prohibition was repealed years ago, there are still hundreds of dry counties across the United
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