Analysis Of Valentine's Day Massacre

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day of love, happiness and joyful feelings, but on February 14th,1929 in Chicago the city felt pain. “In a bloody crime that transfixed the world press and all its readers” . The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre was a reaction to a long war between two known rivals: Al Capone and George “Bugs” Moran. The rivalry started when Prohibition came about. Women and children were being battered by their drunken husbands. Husbands were spending hard earned money on alcohol rather than supporting their families. “The ratification of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution- which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxication liquors- ushered in a period in American history as Prohibition” although…show more content…
“Two spotters waited by phones” across the street from the seen, they were supposed to call when the say Moran about to enter the building. Due to a stolen police car being at the seen he never went in. The police entered “Eight minutes later, after loud rattling noises and what sounded like trucks backfiring” the officers told the seven men to face the wall and put their hands up. Once they were turned around and against the wall the police opened fire upon them. Bullets were flying ever where from the machine guns. “Two of the civilians came out with their hands up, shepherded by the third, and the two 'police officers ' with guns in their hands, described by a witness as 'walking slow and easy-like” , the civilians were McGurn and his men, after they left the building real civilians entered the crime scene and later alerted the police. The police officers that was leaving out the building were McGurn and his crew in disguise. The men killed in this brutal attack of revenge by Capone was as follow: “Clark James Maron’s gang leader, Gusenberg Peter a notorious gunman, May John an auto mechanic who was recruited by Moran, Schwimmer Reinhardt an optometrist, Snyder John a robber and confidence man, and Weinshank Albert a henchman of Moran” they all died at the scene. Gusenberg Frank the only survivors who refused to talk to the police saying he didn’t know who shot him later died at the

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