The Causes Of The Second Anglo-Boer War

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THE SECOND ANGLO-BOER WAR 1. INTRODUCTION The Second Anglo-Boer War, or the South African War, took place over the course of three years between 1899-1902, which contradicted many expectations and predications regarding its length. This essay will examine the Second Anglo-Boer War in order to determine why it lasted far longer than foreseen. This will be achieved firstly by exploring the early attitudes regarding the war. Secondly, by analsying the course of the conflict, the most significant battles that took place, and how such battles had an impact on the outcome of the war. Lastly, this will be achieved by discussing the various reasons for the prolonged ending of the war, how the war ended, the nature of this outcome, and a brief discussion on the impact of the aftermath of the war. Based on the above, this essay will conclude why the duration and manner in which the Second Anglo-Boer War ended contradicted early opinions and attitudes towards it. 2. AN ACCUMULATION OF CONFLICT The Second Anglo-Boer War arose due to of decades of conflict between the Boers and the British in South Africa. Such conflict initially emerged in 1806, with the arrival of the British forces in the Dutch Cape due to trading interests. This early hostility was agitated by the Great Trek – a migration of Dutch farmers into the interior of South Africa, which saw the formation of Boer Republics outside of the Cape’s British colonial administration. Furthermore, this conflict was intensified

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