The Causes Of Transnational And Organized Crimes

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Transnational and organized crimes are considered to be the violations of laws. For a transnational crime to take place it would require more than one country to be involved in the planning, its execution, and the impact must also be felt by other countries. Because of the multinational culture of transnational crimes, they are considered to be different from other crimes and this can at times be a partial roadblock in defining their causes, as well as developing preventative measures and mitigating factors. The birth of the phrase “organized crime” seems to have emerged in 1919 when bootlegging gangs were on the rise in Chicago, this phenomenon is far pre-dated but has developed ever since it was first mentioned, but the term transnational does not only cover crimes committed in different countries but also those that have a direct effect on another country.
Transnational/ Organized crimes are often categorized into three categories and these include provision of illicit goods (the trafficking of drugs, stolen property, arms and ammunition, and counterfeiting), secondly the provision of illicit services (commercial sex and anything to deal with human trafficking), and lastly the infiltration of businesses and government (fraudulent transaction, racketeering, the laundering of money and widespread corruption) and these would affect many countries. Transnational and Organized crime groups threaten human security and peace, they are also in violation of human rights as they

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