The Causes Of Unemployment In Egypt

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A higher standard of living and a better quality of life must be the prime objectives of any efficient and sincere government. In Egypt – where employment insurance is almost non-existent, social insurance is very poor, and overly large population is still growing at a high rate – Unemployment has become a national problem. It is a situation where someone is not able to find work or job but would like to get full time job (Samir, 2004). We usually see this situation in Egypt. This problem affects most young men in Egypt greatly. It is increasing more rapidly every day. If this problem continues to grow, Egypt will fall to the abyss, and it will never get up again. It is a terrible problem, but it can be treated. The government should have a role in solving the problem, and it should cooperate with citizens to demolish the reasons of unemployment, and create an atmosphere for better future.

There are many reasons for unemployment in Egypt. Firstly, one of the major reasons is overpopulation. The population is increasing day by day, but job opportunity cannot be created by the same proportion so, a huge percentage of people remain unemployed. Secondly, Education system which plays vital role in unemployment problems. There is huge gap between what students study and what requirement for getting job. Students are studying some superficial subjects, and they are only running back to get high marks without understanding the subject itself. Thirdly, falling economy
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