The Causes Of Unemployment In Our Society

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Unemployment is important issue that our government faces. Our leaders are trying to do their best to solve it wisely. Unemployment are the people who does not have any labor. There are many causes for unemployment which affects strictly and fetch new issues every moment. Our society is still suffering from overpopulation, and non-educational people, the problem of unemployment increases day by day. Jobless have a bad effect on the national production, because of the unemployment issues. Through the interval (1994-2007), the number of the employed people in Egypt increases from 16.8 to 23.9 million persons by 42%. the percentage of increased up by 14 %, from 1.87 million in 1994 to about 2.14 million in 2007 (The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics1994-2007) (CAPMAS). This paper seeks to analyze the reasons of increasing the unemployment rate due to the overpopulation and non-educational as well as unemployment effects on economic and social sphere.

Many factors cause the high unemployment rate over the years. our nation suffers from many issues in our community, unemployment is one of the most important problems that suffers the youth from it in our society. from one point of view there are many causes that’s lead to the unemployment. we found that the percentage of population is one of the main reasons of unemployment. number of people increases every day in our society which makes huge number of people don’t have the ability
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