Are Violent Video Games Good Or Bad Essay

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Is simulated violence on video games worse for kids than a normal game? Video games are not very good for kids because they can make the kids act out not with can not be normal. Boys are more likely to act out then girls from the games, but girls still can. Video games can cause people and kids to get very mad and this is called raging, but raging is not good because it makes the people playing the games very aggressive and mad. When kids get mad they can break stuff around the house or something or even worst there are some occasions where people have went on a killing rampage. Simulated violence can cause depression, causes aggression, and can make people do bad in school.

Simulated violence can cause kids to get depressed and very sad. Violent video games can cause depression because they can make kids feel bad about themselves. One way the violent video games cause depression is, “Both fictional and news programming can cause lasting emotional upset, though the themes that upset
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Normal games can still make you vision bad and other things mentally, but there are no violent video games that are good for you. “Playing violent video games is no more likely to be damaging to young children’s behaviour than those considered harmless, an Oxford University study suggests”(Bingham).This shows that some studies show that bad video games are no worse that not violent games, because they can still harm the kids eyesight and make them behave bad. But violent video games are worse because then influence kids to do bad stuff, “A dose of violent gaming makes people act a little more rudely than they would otherwise, at least for a few minutes after playing” (Carey). This shows that the kids are more rude to people after just a little bit of playing some games. Also they can do some very bad things in that amount of time. Even though not all games are bad for you violent video games are the worst for
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