The Caveman In The Hedges Analysis

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Have you ever loved someone so much, but said nothing to them because you thought they knew? How when you finally get around to tell them, but only to find out it’s too late. That was the case with the narrator of this short story by Stacey Ritcher, “The Cavemen in the Hedges”. The narrator doesn’t want to get married but still wanted to be in a relationship that didn’t require so much of a “commitment”. Later, a caveman caught the attention of Kim’s eye, which resulted in an unexpected turn of events. Therefore leading the narrator to make the decision of Kim’s dream, or so he thought. The narrator then proceeds to ask Kim to marry him which she refuses because she said that wasn’t what she wants. Which leads her to leave the house, and the narrator never hearing from her again.…show more content…
For example, Kim at the beginning is shown to be somewhat of a perfectionist; always had the house clean, the food was always ready, the laundry was put away, and had a good demeanor. “Kim has been tirelessly arranging things for the last four years-first the contents of our apartment on Pine Avenue, then, as her interior decorating business took off, other peoples places, and lately our own house, since we took the plunge and bought it together last September’( Ritcher 534). On the other hand, the narrator was an idler, he didn’t really do much other than get home and depend on Kim to have everything looking serviceable. At one point in the story Kim and the narrator have their neighbors over the Schaefers for dinner, even though they can’t stand them. The Schaefers were known as hippies, therefore they liked the idea of the cavemen being in their neighborhood free spirited and all. Towards the end of dinner they got into a disagreement because of the caveman, and the fact that Kim and the narrator weren’t married. Which lead to a sudden
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