The Caveman In The Hedgess Short Story

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Can you imagine a pretty, smart, and blond woman living in a dirty basement? Where there is a possibility that a caveman can be living there? Can you imagine a pretty woman and caveman having something in common? In the short story, “The Cavemen in the Hedges,” the author Stacey Richter tells a story about a couple that has difficulties in their relationship. The narrator doesn't want to be in a serious committed relationship. His girlfriend Kim starts to spend most of her time in the basement because the narrator is not giving her the affection and attention she wants. The narrator has no idea why, his girlfriend of 10 years, is spending most of her time in the basement. Therefore, he thinks Kim is a having an affair with a impure caveman in their basement. So…show more content…
Since his efforts do not work, his girlfriend leaves him to be happier with the caveman. This story is composed of different language elements such as: irony, symbolism, and allusions.
Irony is a form of figurative language that is composed to explain the meaning of a story. There are four types of irony such as: situational, dramatic,verbal, and poetic justice. In the story “The Cavemen in the Hedges” the author includes examples of these four forms of irony. First, an important example of irony in the story is dramatic. In the story the audience is aware of the situation, but the narrator has no idea that his girlfriend is having an affair with cavemen. Since the narrator has no idea of the affair this is a form of dramatic irony (Richter 541). Another example of irony in the story is situational. The narrator and his girlfriend Kim show an example of role reversal. This role reversal is situational irony because the reader would not expect the couple to act the opposite. For example, the narrator states, “She doesn't listen when I talk to her and eats standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open, yelling between bites that it's time for me to go to
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