The Cavemen In The Hedges Analysis

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Symbols in “The Cavemen in the Hedges” In the short story “The Cavemen in the Hedges” by Stacey Richter, there are many important symbols that make up the story. All these symbols all have a type of connection to each other. The couple, the narrator and Kim have been together for ten years and trying to live a happy life but the neighborhood has filthy cavemen wandering around doing uncivilized unlike a human being. The whole neighborhood wants to get rid of them wild cavemen. Kim wants to get married with the narrator but he sees no point of it. Everytime Kim asks the narrator about marriage, she always gets the opposite answer that she wants. This time she acts a lot unusual than usual. The way Kim is acting makes the narrator paranoid…show more content…
He feels that getting married will exterminate the last shreds of rebel he has in him. Kim later invites the Schaefers over for dinner. They’re a lonely hippie couple. As they’re having dinner, Kim starts to get annoyed and you can tell because shes giving the Schaefers the look also. She speaks up and asks the Schaefers, “do you two even like being married?” They only glance at each other . Winsome the wife from the Schaefers responds, “ I think marriage is just part of the journey.” Kim just bursts into laughter. Ever since that dinner, Kim hasn’t been acting the same. Kim used to be a clean freak. Always being bossy. She would always leave the spotless. She had her own responsibilities, housekeeping. It all changed after that dinner with the Schaefers. Days later, the narrator comes home from work finding Kim dumping out a bag from Toys R US. A fake diamond necklace stuck to cardboard comes out. Kim seems oddly happy about it. She starts to sing like a little demented kid. She sings “nar nar nar” to the instrumental of a song. The narrator goes out to get some food and when he comes back he feels things are in a state of disarray.
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