The Cay Phillip Character Analysis

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“When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what the storm is all about.” When you go through hard times and you think you won't make it, you always come out stronger than when you started. In The Cay Phillip’s character reveals that whenever you have problems and complications in life it will end up making you stronger than when you started. Throughout the book Phillip can be described first as innocent, afraid during the rising action, and independent when he overcomes all of the obstacles of being blind. During the exposition, Phillip was excited and enthusiastic about war, did not understand much about work, and could be described as innocent. “About nine thirty I snuck out of bed, went to the tool house, and took out a hatchet. I put it under the couch. It was the only place I could think of to use for fighting off the Germans.” (Taylor 19) This quote is talking about whenever Phillip is excited for war. He doesn't understand that war is not a good thing and thinks he could help by using a hatchet. It shows how Phillip is innocent because it tells that he's gonna fight off the Germans with a hatchet which is not logical. This is significant because it shows why, in the future, that Phillip doesn't want to go with his mom but would rather stay around the war with his…show more content…
“I think it was the fifth afternoon of this week and I blurted out to Timothy, I'll climb the palm now.” (Taylor 98) Phillip is telling Timothy how he can be independent and do things on his own. This quote shows how he is getting out of his fear of being blind and starting to do the things on his own. This is significant because it shows how far Philip has come from the beginning of being so innocent and unknowing to the middle of being scared and afraid because of his blindness and now not being afraid anymore and also not being so uneducated about
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