J. S. Bach Essay

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J.S Bach was a German composer, he is one of the most important composer of the Baroque period because he established the German style in the counterpoint,harmonic and motivic organization.He had great contribution on the rhythm Bach was born in a music family, his father is also a great musician who taught him to play violin and harpsichord. The six unaccompanied cello suites was written by J.S Bach during 1717-1723. This work is one of the most famous works by J.S Bach.This suites was written in kothen. When Bach was serve as a Kapellmeister.The title of the cello suites on the manuscript was Suites a violoncello solo senza Basso. Every suites was organized by different dance.In the suites ,the prelude is the first movement of everything, it’s like the preface of the suites. In the Baroque period, it’s like a introduction of the succeeding movement. The second movement is Allemande. The Allemande is most well -known instrument forms in Baroque music. The Allemande is in the duple time and always played in moderato tempo. Allemande is a French dance. Then the third movement is the Courante. The Courante are from the late renaissance and Baroque era. The Courante is a triple time dance. The courant has the most slow tempo in all France dances.There are also two movements in the courante, the second movement is lively than…show more content…
And every one might have very different performance since everyone has different understanding about Bach’s music. There are no right or wrong on those performing. Every cellist has different concepts on the tonality or which ways to do the vibrato. J.S Bach written his six cello suites when he served in the Church and also wilfrid Mellers described it as “Monophonic music where in a man has created a dance of God.” Beethoven cello sonata Op.5
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