The Celts: The People Who Came Out Of Darkness

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The Celts: The People Who Came Out Of Darkness 'The Celts: The People Who Came Out of the Darkness ' the author Gerhard Herm tells an epic story of the Celts who attacked Rome and Greece for the possession of wealth, power and diversity. Even though, in the beginning the author spends most of his time giving more detail than he should about the Romans, Greece, and Atlantis, moreover, the story portrays how the Celts Warriors collected the heads of their enemies and regarded them as war trophies.
The Celts later extended their influence to the Atlantic and the Middle East. In these regions, they brought a unique mythology and culture. They also introduced a style of art that was regarded as the greatest accomplishment of the north of Alps
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When I first started reading I thought why is he inputting so much detail about the Romans and the Celts. I then later found that helpful being that I know so little about how the Celts came about.
This book presents ideas about the history of an ethnic group that existed many years but later become extinct when they neglected their cultural beliefs and adopted the Christian beliefs. In the book, the author reveals the mystery of their culture, where they went and their power.
The story in the book starts with the Celt attack on the Roman Empire. The attack took place in the 4th C BC, during this time; Rome was a weak city-state republic. Due to the fear of the Celts, Romans were able to develop much of their military science. According to the description given by the author in this book, Romans perceived the Celts warriors as inhuman, fierce and barbaric and that is what is most intriguing about the Celtic people. The author highlights this when he explains the way the Celts fight. The Celts “indulged in a performance” before war “that bound to confuse their enemies more than anything” (Herm 4). Even though Herm does a lot of babbling, he does a great job with describing the Celtic people during war and helps you get a great image in your head of these barbaric people. These warriors also collected the heads of the enemies they killed and tied them around their waist as they went to war. They also collected the heads and used them as war

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