The Central Problem In Ayn Rand's Unwind

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The central problem in Unwind that needs solving in order to resolve the dystopia that has been created is children being unwanted which led to them being unwinded. In Unwind an example, which leads to children not being wanted is because as Samson said on page twenty-one, “It’s not what I did, it’s what I didn’t do.” This explains why some people are unwanted and in the book Unwind it was the main reason children were sent to get unwinded. Or in some cases such as Risa it was a way to get rid of people because of the budget cuts made which affected the state houses. Another part of the central problem which is stated in Unwind on page nineteen, “There are unwanted babies born every day — and not all of them get storked.” These unwanted babies are left by people who usually aren’t ready to have children and because of the laws…show more content…
The people on the pro-life side wanted to get rid of abortion while pro-choice wanted there to be a choice, so the result was a worst-case scenario which would keep it fair. The outcome of having a fair compromise was unwinding children from the ages thirteen to eighteen so they wouldn’t be killed before birth and given a chance to prove their worthiness unless they would be unwinded. As stated in “The Bill of Life” unwinding means “the process by which a child is both terminated and yet kept alive” which would benefit the sides, and making it the sole reason the society became a dystopia from its attempt to criticize an important controversial topic which separated many. In order to transition the society in Unwind from the present dystopia to a functional and fair society, children need to be cared for and not left. To get this to happen people who aren’t ready to have children must be careful and think more about what they are doing before they regret it and stork their

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