The Challenges Of 21st-Century Skills In The 21st Century

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Technological advances bring about changes in education. To achieve the nation 's aspiration to develop a 21st-century generation, a teacher needs to master various disciplines, keep abreast of policy and education issues, expertise in pedagogy (teaching and learning), using the latest technologies and applying pure values for development good morals and personality. However, there are still teachers who have not mastered the 21st-century skills. Teachers who have not mastered 21st-century skills cannot implement it in teaching and learning process, this causes the students are not exposed to 21st-century skills. This is a bit of a disadvantage to the education system because 21st-century skills have been used for all countries. Students with less exposure to the 21st-century skills may cause our generation to be powerless to compete with other generation of nations. Therefore, researchers want to see what are the challenges of 21st-century skills faced by teachers.This 21st-century skill is a transformation made in renewing existing educational standards where the 21st-century education system is more flexible, creative, challenging and more complex. In addressing the growing education world, education needs to be rebuilt to meet the needs of students in the 21st-century world.For example, each school needs to be exposed to a life-related project-based curriculum aimed at attracting students in addressing real-world problems and current issues. To achieve this goal,

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