The Challenges Of College Life In College Students

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1.1.2 College Life
College life is one of the most scintillating and memorable experiences in an adolescent’s life. It is in college that an adolescent enjoys the vibrant environment, the company of friends and the various academic and co-curricular activities, which enriches nurtures and henceforth prepares the adolescent for adulthood. Looking from a closer perspective, the college student’s encounters a number of challenges in his day to day life, therefore the whole idea of an exciting and vibrant college life is unveiled by these challenges which in turn contribute to stress and if not dealt with can only escalate and hamper their academic performance, emotional and social well-being. College students are exposed to a considerable amount of stress, which necessitate successful and constantly changing coping strategy. These stressors include internal and external pressures exerted by the environment to thrive and succeed, overcome economic hardships, worries about vague futures, societal problems and opportunities. College students often meet their future partners in college, hand in hand they also require preparation and focus to perform well in home works and tests in various subjects and disciplines, consequently they very often face inconsistent outcomes. Therefore ineffective coping can lead to anxiety, drinking problems, depression and a multitude of other mental health problems amongst college students. The issue of stress among college and university students has
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