The Challenges Of Courage In Nursing

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Courage entails our capacity and willingness to deal with fear, pain, danger, ambiguity, or intimidation, both physically and mentally. These are some lists of notable acts of courage, so let’s get out our comfort zone and take one step at a time in order to overcome our fears and challenges in life. In fact, the act of being courageous is considered one of the greatest qualities that anyone possesses because facing and overcoming ones fear involved a lot of risks. When we live courageously, it provides us an opportunity to improve our way of life. It also makes it easier for us to fulfill and achieve our goals instead of settling for less. Eventually, our mental and emotional awareness will be molded that we can conquer almost everything, even the most challenging situations in life. For that reason, I deserve to give myself a chance to stand up for what I believe in and to follow my vision no matter where it takes me. More than ever, I am ready to face my fears of failing so I can pursue my education and become a successful Registered Nurse in the near future. What actually inspires me to move forward comes from a famous quote. According to Maya Angelou, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can 't practice any other virtue consistently.” Therefore, I have embraced the challenges of pursuing my education knowing that I have very limited savings and I might fail miserably. I know for a fact that it won’t be easy because of the
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