The Challenges Of Elizabeth And Darcy's Journey

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In this essay I am going to compare and contrast Elizabeth and Darcy’s journey that they had toward each other to my own journey in life. Some of the aspects that I am going to be writing about is the challenges that try to keep people from reaching their journey, people and other tools that help people reach their journey, God’s role in helping people reach their journey and society and its role in helping or hurting people reach their journey. Looking at all of these things I can see that Elizabeth and Darcy’s journey to each other is very different and tougher than my own journey. There are times where my journey is a little similar to Elizabeth and Darcy’s, but in the long run my journey is different than theirs. On any kind of journey there are many challenges that keep people from reaching their journey. Challenges can come in many different ways, in my life personally; challenges came in the form of my attitude toward something, having to break out of the way that I normally think and try to think like others. There have been physical challenges and mental or spiritual ones as well. Trying to compare my journey with Elizabeth and Darcy’s I would say me and Darcy had to work through looking at things a certain way. Darcy changed the way he thought about lower class people with the push from Elizabeth, and I had to change the way that I thought about the Bible and society, because of the call that God placed on my life to be a missionary in another country. I have been
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