How Does Gender Discrimination Affect Social Development

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In today’s highly competitive world, countries are innovating and enforcing ethical governance, fair control with moral principles, to survive and progress. Within each country, many economical, social and governmental groups work together to achieve advancements. While there is harmony, among these groups, there are on-going challenges posed by extremist individuals or people of discriminating thoughts. One of such discriminations is on gender. The term gender discrimination refers to the negative stereotypes on men and women and the active denial of desired goals based on gender or sex. In this paper, I will discuss how gender discrimination hinders economical progress, social progress, and affects the social and economical aspects of the…show more content…
One of the countless examples throughout the world is “sex-selective abortion”. According to an article, in a family where more than one baby girl is born, “parents make the horrendous choice of ending their baby’s life” as parents do not want to waste their money on educating and paying the dowry for their daughter. On the other hand, when baby boys are born parents would not abort them as “son means insurance” to the parents. In this context insurance refers to the son taking care of parents during the retirement age. The son will also inherit his parents’ assets and wealth as this ensures that wealth stays within the family. If a girl inherits the assets, the wealth would be given to the groom’s family as dowry. Therefore, this “sex-selective abortion” is a very commonly used method in developing countries to get rid of girls in order to accumulate more money for their sons. If this situation continues, the population of both genders will be imbalanced and it will be difficult to find a bride for the groom to sustain pro-creation, resulting in population decline. This will lead the society towards an aging population. The aging population has physical constraints that prevent them from contributing to society’s development in infrastructure, health, environmental, and other programs. Thus without social development the society will not be able to…show more content…
In a workplace, there are social and economical aspects that are affected by gender discrimination. In many societies, men are still given priorities at job interviews compared to women who are equally qualified. This is mainly due to the perception that men works for longer hours and is flexible to take up other work. Another such stereotypical view would be that ‘woman will leave the job when she is pregnant’. This inequality behaviour, stereotypical views, and more men than women at the workplace lead to insufficient social support for women and to accommodate to their needs and concerns. With respect to economical aspect, men would be earning more salary than women for the same amount of work done. An example that illustrates this would be, “female workers in Wyoming, earning just 65.5 percent of what men earn”. Women are economically deprived at workplace as much as they are socially impacted. Women’s moral would be low that it affects the productivity resulting in lower revenue affecting the society’s

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