The Challenges Of Human Rights To Education In South Africa

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Human rights are rights which every person possesses, thus human rights are held equally by everyone without any discriminations (Gerlach, 2009). The Bill of Human Rights is created in order to protect the individual rights and liberties (Adams, 2012). One of the human rights to be protected is the right to education. According to NESRI (2006:1), a human right to education is to provide equal opportunity to every learner to learn without any distinctions but with quality schools, teachers and curricula. According to ANC (1993), South Africa has guaranteed the right to education in 1993, yet learners are unable to enjoy the right fully due to teacher, discipline and policy related problems. This assignment will be discussing about what the challenges facing existing human right to education in South Africa are, what the causes of the problems are and possible solutions for the problems.
According to NESRI (2006:2), learners should have rights to be safe from school violence and rights to access good quality education, such as qualified teachers, quality curriculum and teaching method, and adequate resources and facilities.
However, South Africa 's existing education system is facing challenges. Firstly, schools experience teacher-related problems. According to Department of Education (2009:1), there is insufficient number of teachers and many teachers are underqualified which then leads to poor teacher performance. There are
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