The Challenges Of Islam In Islam

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Every society in the 21st century has to face new challenges. The Islamic faith continues to be under the international spotlight for many reasons, especially in the west. These threats can determine the future direction of a nation and culture. Muslim society is also expected to be prepared to confront with new and usually complex challenges. This essay will analyse the challenges facing by Muslims today involving rising religious radicalism among youth, growth of islamophobia around the world and impact of an incompatible moral value system that came through the digital revolution. The challenges of the radicalism, an extreme ideology are becoming a very worrying sign that the world has to face, especially the Muslims. Suicide bombings…show more content…
Islamic terrorism is now common to hear from the commentators of media and inteligence analysts which means whatever it is true or not, the bad perception about terrorism in Islam is there (Ahmad, 2016).According to Yahya (2014), Islamophobia has risen significantly in places like in the US and Europe. However, the author does not put the blame on the rise of Islamophobia entirely on the non-Muslims. He, in fact, puts the blame on Muslim themselves. The acts of violence carried out by radical Islamic terror organisations increased this perspective in the West. Similarly, Kassim (2016) highlights that the act of carried out the worst terror attacks in Western cities by the misconception in ideology of jihadist have reinforced the impression by others that Islam is a violent religion. Others also look Islam as intolerance religion which caused the act of terrorism towards them. Moreover, the misuse and failure to govern the countries caused the bad perception for the name of the countries of Islam from others. Some leaders take the law into their own hands and govern the countries by using the Islam as a foundation for governing with cruel punishments for moral…show more content…
Muslims receive those bad perception from others is simply because others confuse extremism with true Islam. It is extremism that they are trying to ban, not Islam.They target the real Islam and Muslims because of the lack of knowledge to differentiate between Islam and extremism. This resulted in the introduction of the concept of terrorism; Islamophobia arising in our world today. Islamophobia is basically viewed as the prejudice against Muslims which it is described as an attack on peoples identities, particularly Muslims. The concept of Islamophobia has brought a negative impact such as the rising of crimes and violence, including the rejection of beliefs that leads to misunderstanding among people, especially

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