The Challenges Of Present Day Students In The 21st Century

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Present day students are digital natives [6f]. They are comfortable in handling up-to-date contemporary devices, Internet, application tools and software together. They know many skills of digital environment, like; editing of digital contents that also includes audio and video, making presentations, using social bookmarking to share resources, using social networking sites to connect with people, using blogs and wikis, airing podcasts, working on digital images, creating videos, designing web sites and games, sending/receiving emails and using presence technologies [7f]. The increased presence on Internet of the students makes them more aware to the literacy and proficiency. They are capable to find out rather quickly and independently, when they carry out any conceptual, grammar, or spellings errors. Their ability to choose the effective medium and acquiring skills quickly place them unique.
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Classrooms of 21st century are interactive in nature and are beyond the physical boundaries. Grouping of social network, inclusion of digital games, use of e-textbooks, open source books, and open source applications are becoming fundamentals of the present-day classroom environment. Apart from learning concepts, students also learn organization, articulation, project management and collaboration. The classrooms with wireless network and devices like laptops, and tablets encourage students to complete their homework online, manage their blogs, collaboratively manage data and use online resources to support the class work. Furthermore, interactive whiteboards and multimedia technologies in the classroom allow students to seamlessly share their work with the entire

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